Facebook’s Announcement is ‘Graph Search’ فيسبوك تكشف عن محرك بحث اجتماعي جديد

intro-graph-search-625x1000There was so much speculations about the announcement of Facebook todayy. For the ones who guessed a Facebook search engine, *ding ding ding,* you won.

Graph search is not a web search, the tools creators showed in the conference show you that you can use ‘Graph Search’ to dig through the massive amounts of information on the site to find exactly who or what you want to find precisely.

Mark Zuckerberg explained, he and his wife, recently used it to search for “Mexican restaurants nearby that my friends have been to.” and bingo it did exactly that! they are taking baby steps to have their own version of search and i think it will be very valuable later.

كشف الرئيس التنفيذي لشبكة فيسبوك الاجتماعية عن خاصية بحث جديدة أطلق عليها اسم Graph Search، وتعتمد على البحث المفصّل والمرتبط بالأصدقاء على الموقع.

وقد أشار زوكربيرغ في حديثه إلى أن المستخدم يريد أداة بحث تساعده في الوصول إلى الأشياء التي شاركها معه الآخرين، ومن ثم تحدث عن الفارق بين البحث عبر الإنترنت وعبر Graph Search.

ومن خلال الصور، فإن فيسبوك قد استبدل الشريط الأزرق العلوي بخانة للبحث مع شعار الموقع المعروف، ونقل الأزرار الثلاثة المخصصة للتنبيهات والرسائل والأصدقاء إلى الطرف الآخر. ويمكن من خلال الميزة الجديدة البحث عن أشهر المطاعم في مكان معين. كما وتقدم إمكانيات بحث متطورة مثل البحث عن الأصدقاء الذين يقطنون في مكانٍ معين ويحبون المطعم المعين. كما سيتمتع محرك البحث الجديد الخاص بخصائص متقدمة في المستقبل كإظهار حالات الطقس وغير ذك الكثير.


Most Visited Sites in Kuwait & The World أكثر المواقع زيارة في سنة 2012

world most visited

If you are wondering which are the top sites for the year of 2012. Well, you will not be surprised much because those are the most visited sites by anyone these days and no new sites to recently get on the list.

Top 2012 most visited sites on the web:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. Yahoo!
  5. Baidu.com
  6. Wikipedia
  7. Windows Live
  8. Amazon.com
  9. QQ.COM
  10. Twitter

And the list of the 15 top sites in Kuwait are as below. Looks like our Egyptian fellows are really really interested in their country’s happenings.

Top 2012 most visited sites in Kuwait:

  1. google.com.kw
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. Google
  5. Yahoo!
  6. Windows Live
  7. Twitter
  8. Blogspot.com
  9. Wikipedia
  10. جريدة الوطن
  11. Amazon.com
  12. اليوم السابع
  13. Babylon
  14. جريدة الراي الكويتية
  15. مصراوي – Masrawy

Google Brothers Grimm Doodle

googleGoogle’s new tradition is  to celebrate important events & anniversaries of famous people by honoring them with a Google Doodle. Today Google featured the “Brothers Grimm” fairy tale and made it the longest doodle they ever made.


Snapseed VS Instagram?

xl_SnapseedInstagram needs no introduction for sure with more than 100 million registered users in its social network, on the other hand Snapseed is a similar app for smartphones that was introduced before but now that Google bought the Snapseed developers Nik Software, it seems that Instagram could be in for a tough competition, the application is currently available on both Andriod and iOS and has tons of effects and features and can also share photos directly to Google+.

Google are just getting their hands on almost everything nowadays and they never seem to give up same case as for Google+ slow start.

Download for Android or iOS

Cool Samsung SIII Trick “Flying Androids”

I saw this cool trick today on How2Q8, gotta try it on my friend’s Samsung since i don’t have one. 😦

It is available on any Samsung device that supports 4.0 icecream sandwich

Yahoo Launches Its Browser Axis متصفح جديد من ياهو

Yahoo has joined the browser wars with Axis, its very own tool designed to enhance its search with a clear eye toward the rapidly expanding mobile Web.

Axis, the company announced late Wednesday, is a stand-alone app currently available for Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad and on desktops as an add-on to established browsers like Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

I will download it on my desktop and iPhone for testing, though i highly doubt its anything like Google Chrome or Safari.

Download: Link

Review from PCMagazine


Google Celebrates Bob Moog With a Playable Doodle

Google today came out with an interactive doodle to celebrate the 78th birthday of Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog – an American music enthusiast; best known for his invention of the Moog Synthesizer.

The Google doodle is a virtual version of the device (Moog Synthesizer), This thing is awesome you can even record and listen to what you did. 😀 Goooooogle we love yooou! go and visit google now and enjoy the fun. 😀