Documentary On Kuwait’s Road Accidents وثائقي عن الحوادث في شوارع الكويت

18crime1When we talk about car accidents and violations in Kuwait, our imagination tends to suddenly think of the painful accidents we see every single day in the streets. Not a day goes by without seeing a horrific accident, especially on the Arabian Gulf Street, which happens to be my only way to work in the morning and evening.

Kuwait has topped the list of highest traffic accidents  in the Arab World, this certainly means that there is a lack of awareness in terms of this matter, especially since Kuwait is a small country compared to other countries, statistics do not lie and there is a real problem to be solved.

I came across one of my favorites blogs today (BananaQ8) and saw this post about a new documentary that was filmed and done here in Kuwait under the name of “Your Life is Worth”, the movie will be soon released in Kuwait cinemas Inshallah and i would like to give the people behind it a big thank you from the heart for gathering and making such a great idea to help solve a continues problem.

Some horrific statistics about Kuwait’s lethal car accidents:

  • Traffic Accidents during 2011: 75,194 i.e. 206 accidents per day on average (or 8.5 per hour).
  • Fatalities as a result of Traffic accidents: 493 deaths i.e 1.3 per day.
  • Traffic citations issued: 3,531,791 various citations i.e. 9,600 per day, 403 per hour
  • Impounded vehicles: 27,709, Impounded motor cycles: 735.