NAS Airports App Available on iOS & Android


All flight and booking information in one place.

National Aviation Services just released their official mobile application on both iOS & Andoid, just look for NAS airports and you will find it in the store.

The app brings real time flight information, allows you to book an airport lounge or the meet and assist service or even check on your lost luggage and much more.

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Other than that, you can complete your check-in or select your seat on your flight, plus you will receive local and global travel and duty free promotions.

The idea of  how they are trying to put everything in one place is excellent, the app still needs some improvements in design and updates in different sections though.

You can find it on Andoid’s google play or the App store



Ever Wondered Who Unfollowed you on Twitter/Instagram? من قام بعمل انفولو لحسابك على تويتر وانستغرام

FollowersYES it is possible, after going through hell to eliminate the fake applications available i found the best free applications to determine correctly who unfollowed you on Instagram or Twitter.

Now these applications are very easy to use and doesn’t need instructions, you just need to log in to your actual account and once you do it will give you all the information of who unfollowed you or who is not following you back ..etc.

Now the 3rd application “InstaMessage” is a tool for Instagram to be able to chat with your followers instantly. These applications are available on iOS but unfortunately not on Android except for Instamessage though.

Download links as below:

1- Find Unfollowers On Twitter

2- My Followers On Instagram

3- InstaMessage

Snapseed VS Instagram?

xl_SnapseedInstagram needs no introduction for sure with more than 100 million registered users in its social network, on the other hand Snapseed is a similar app for smartphones that was introduced before but now that Google bought the Snapseed developers Nik Software, it seems that Instagram could be in for a tough competition, the application is currently available on both Andriod and iOS and has tons of effects and features and can also share photos directly to Google+.

Google are just getting their hands on almost everything nowadays and they never seem to give up same case as for Google+ slow start.

Download for Android or iOS

Viber is now a Cross-platform Application فايبر للإتصالات المجانية متاح على جميع الاجهزة

The free calling application Viber hits BlackBerry, Windows Phone (but without the free calling), the company that it is challenging Skype and a plethora of cross-platform communication app makers with its free calling, texting and photo sharing application for mobile phones, is doubling the number of platforms it supports.

Already available for iOS and Android, and used by over 70 million people, Viber is releasing its communications app in beta for both BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

I like Viber because it is very stable and very similar to Skype in quality of calls but still we need something different than just having the same options in every other application. lets just hope we see something different in the next update.

Apps Crash: iOS Vs. Android مقارنة عن الخلل في التطبيقات‏

Here we go again.. Another day, another comparison between smart-phones giants in terms of operating system: iOS Vs. Android, and in particular on whose apps crash more. According to a study prepared by Crittercism, it turned out that iOS Apps crash more often than their rival, Android. Check out the data in the below chart.

As an iOS user, I rarely recall struggling with crashed Apps and in those few incidents it was always with certain couple of Apps. Maybe it’s because I’m not an Apps freak and I only keep a countable number of Apps on my phone “64 Apps” :P. Also I think it’s more of a software issue than a hardware one and the piece of evidence that backs up my opinion is that only certain Apps crash and others perform so greatly. Anyhow, I can’t give an objective observation between iOS and Android as I haven’t used an Android phone.

Ironically and while I was writing this post, my PC stopped responding and my browser crashed! 😀 I think someday I’ll do my own study or let’s call it a review comparing between my PC’s Windows and my MacBook’s iOS. 🙂

If interested to read the article in depth, click here.

iOS Dominates 52% of Mobile Web Market‏

This piece of news made me realize how strong Apple’s iOS is standing still among all its competitors despite all the rumors saying that iOS is being knocked down day after day by other operating systems. I mean, half of the market share? That’s pretty fantastic!

According to that article which started by stating the question “Who’s browsing the mobile web the most?”, the answer was “Apparently, iPhone and iPad owners”.

These statistics of iOS dominating (52%) of mobile market web share demonstrate the data of December 2011 and they are done by a very reliable statistics source which is NetMarketShare. The article continues.. “Android, meanwhile, had a (16.29%) share, behind Java ME at (21.27%), which fell into second place. Trailing the top three were Symbian (5.76%), BlackBerry (3.51%) and the mysterious “Other” (1.07%) which is where Windows Phone must be hiding. iOS saw the highest numbers in October, when it reached 61.5%”.

If interested to read the full article, click here.