Jelly Bean is Out Officially for the Middle East

Jelly Bean for Samsung S III is out, all you need to do is go to your Settings -> About -> Software Update and if that did not work for you then just download Samsung Kies for from here (Windows) or (MAC) to get started.

Once installed and your device is recognized and correctly connected through the USB, you should first back up your phone just in case of any failure, which i did and it was just very easy thing to do.

Just click on the Back up/Restore on the right up side and select all the data you need to back up from your device to your PC and wait til its completed.

After finishing, a pop up window will show up and ask you to upgrade to the new firmware and all that is left is to accept and wait for it to download. 😀

and here it is Tadaaaa!


Leaked: First Look on Samsung S3 صور مسربة لسامسونغ جالكسي الجديد

This is the first look for the new Samsung Galaxy s3, a a Vietnamese site got their hands on it first, check the source for the video.

According to the specifications leaked, the phone houses a 4.6-inch display at 720 x 1184 without the on-screen buttons or 720 x 1280 resolution including the on-screen buttons (320 DPI, depending on whether you include those on-screen Android buttons), while a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor works on keeping the Ice Cream Sandwich OS running smoothly. Other hardware mentions include 1GB of RAM, 8-megapixel camera, 16GB of storage plus microSD capability.

Source: Link