Italian Football Legend Del Piero in Kuwait

del pieroAlessandro Del Piero arrived to Kuwait this morning to participate in the Al-Roudan Tournament that will be held at Da’iya Area in Al-Roudan Hall, Friday 26th of July at 3:00PM.

I’m on of his biggest fans but its a shame i did not receive any invitations for the event. I added a new video from the Al-Roudan Tournament hall, and for pictures and videos check their Instagram account (link)


Balotelli Goal Celebration Now In Fifa 2013 إحتفالية بالوتيلي الشهيرة الان في الفيفا

Electronics Arts have released some videos from the making of the next FIFA 13, the display this time shows capture sessions  for the movements of the players around the pitch, and this time it includes the famous and unique celebration by Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli. it is worth mentioning that the game will be released in September this year.

Ramos is Still Angry! لعبة جديدة عن المدافع راموس

As if the defender Sergio Ramos did not get enough humiliation after the match between Real Madrid & Bayern Munich, now they made a game with the name of “ANGRY RAMOS”, you shoot the ball & it orbits the universe til it find the goal of the goalkeeper Neuer.

Download from iTunes: Link

في مباراة إعتزاله يدخل ابنه ذو 5 سنوات مكانه

I don’t have much information on this video but it was uploaded recently, a Russian football player who is retiring allows his 5 years old son to play his place & the players actually let him score a goal. it really put a smile on my face. 😀