Introducing the New iOS 7

iOS-7-concept-Simply-ZestyYesterday’s conference for Apple was mostly about their new iOS 7 which got a huge facelift this time and looks even fresher as well as multitasking support for all apps.

The new iOS 7 is more colorful than the previous iteration, and the typeface was optimized for easier reading. A new swipe-left gesture lets users toggle seamlessly between programs, a double-tap of the home button displays cards of all the apps currently running, and a slick Control Center lets users adjust settings or play music.

Have a look and tell us what you think? Are you willing to stick or switch to iPhone after this?


Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal

Xbox_One_Console_and_ControllerXbox One, the successor to the Xbox 360 and the third console in the Xbox family was announced May 21, 2013, Similar to the PS4 , the Xbox One will feature compatibility with the x86-64 instruction set also will feature a Blu-ray Disc drive, as well as 8GB of unified memory in the form of high performance DDR3.

I really am not an Xbox fan and also the shape didn’t really get to me, but this is definitely going to directly compete with  PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U.

Lets talk specs here:

The Xbox one got a powerful eight-core processor, sixteen times the RAM of the original 360, a much more capable version of Kinect that lets you make Skype video calls in HD, advanced Wi-Fi, a Blu-ray drive, HDMI input and output, and three operating systems. (Xbox OS, a special version of Windows and a bridging OS which melds the two into one experience.)

Now both consoles the PS4 and The Xbox One will be released later this year, the question yet remains, which one will you get guys?

Facebook Update, But in Real Life!

fbYou know that feeling when you login to your Facebook account and find few slight changes, but then you find that your settings have been reset or changed and you need to check your privacy again?

OK enough talk, just watch this funny video 😀

Pay & Sell From Your Phone with Tap

Tap q8chitchatWhat’s Tap?

Tap is a mobile market & payment ecosystem, it enables a business to get a e-shop, market and sell items on any smartphone. Businesses will benefit from the value added features available and it will help them manage their profiles on Tap, manage products, manage sales, manage customers and even payments.

It also enables a business to accept KNET and soon Visa and Mastercard.

On the other hand, consumers who wants to use Tap will get a market full of businesses to pay conveniently on their smartphones, they will be able to pay their telecom bills, internet subscriptions, newspapers and magazines as well and more and with no additional cost.

Watch the ad below to get a better understanding of Tap or simply visit

Tap on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Google Buying WhatsApp App? جوجل ستشتري واتساب بصفقة مليار دولار


According to rumours technology giant Google is looking to acquire the software company that have developed and created WhatsApp. The move by Google is similar in style to that performed by Facebook when they acquired the social photography website Instagram for $1 billion USD.

Digital trends has stated that the deal between Google and WhatsApp could be worth well over $1 billion USD, which is what Facebook paid for Instagram. Interestingly, Facebook were also interested in WhatsApp at one stage so it is still possible WhatsApp could be negotiating with many companies at the same time.

Such news if happened will surely bring Google to the front and will make many Android users even more satisfied with their decisions like me. 😀

Source: Link

Try Google Nose Now! جرب خدمة جوجل الجديدة الان

googlenoseOne of the most wanted things from the internet is now real! Google Nose is still in the Beta stage but now you can try and search for a specific smell like garlic, new car or even a ghost and actually smell it for real! try it out now.


Happy April Fools’ Day 😀

WhatsApp Messenger New Update For Android

whatsapp androidJPGWoke up today morning to find a new update for the famous WhatsApp Messenger and everytime i see an update i really get excited because this is one of the most applications that i commonly use.

This update brings more stability and faster performance, Users will notice that the app’s overall color has changed a bit, along with the font and arrangement of certain features and options.

The new version removes the long-used speech bubble text to a larger & clearer one, Image previews are scaled larger in size as well.

What do you think will be different in the 3rd WhatsApp application? what are you looking for the most?

Download from Google Play: Link