Meteor Showers to be Visible in Kuwait زخات من الشهب تدخل سماء الكويت اليوم

meteors in Kuwait

Meteors will be visible in the Sky of Kuwait today until the 25th of April said the Kuwaiti astronomer “Adel Al-Sadoun”, The best chance to catch a glance is at 3am from the north side. I know i will be sleeping like a fat kid at that time so whoever will be watching enjoyy 😀

قال الباحث الفلكي والمؤرخ عادل السعدون ان زخات من الشهب ستدخل سماء الكويت بدءا من اليوم وتستمر حتى 25 ابريل الحالي موضحا ان تلك الزخات ستبلغ ذروتها يوم الاربعاء الموافق 22 ابريل.

 وذكر ان افضل وقت للمشاهدة سيكون في الساعة الثالثة فجرا وحتى طلوع الشمس مشيرا الى ان موقعها يكون في النصف الشمالي من السماء قرب مجموعة (القيثارة النجمية) وتكون فوق الرأس تقريبا.



Real Clouds in your Room غيوم حقيقية في غرفتك

cumuluskleinMaybe some of you will doubt it and say its photoshopped, but this is defiantly not fake, The Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde created real clouds indoors, yes indoors!! He said “Using a smoke machine, and carefully monitor a room’s humidity and atmosphere can get the smoke to hang in the air so elegantly, and with the right back-lighting it brings out shadows from within the cloud, and gives it that look of a ominous rain cloud”.

I’d looove to sleep in those clouds and wake up finding my room raining, too dreamy i know 😛

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What a Morning! صباح ولا أجمل

You wake up fresh every Sunday morning after the weekend ready for work, except this Sunday is unlike any other i woke up to taste dust and sand in my mouth, looked out of the window to find my car covered with sand and sky is yellow, now according to my weather forecast in the iPhone it should be clear tomorrow and temperature should get back to normal.

The first shot from my home window, second from work & usually i could see the liberation Tower & other buildings from here, What a great morning! 😦